Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exploring the city

Hello loves!

The adventure is still continuing in Budapest! Yesterday we got to do the bus tour and saw the beautiful castle at the pest side...or was it the buda side??? I am so confused of which side is which! The surprising thing about this city is that we have to pay for the toilets! Do I really need to pay to have a wee here...excuse me?

Today we went to see the Market which was also very nice and after that we went to this boat tour that took us to the Marget island. Now my feet are killing me but I dont really long as I get to see as much as possible here I am happy!

Tomorrow we are going to the Szechenyi baths which should be nice and after that if we have time the parlament building. So many things to see and too little time! Oh well, I will have to come back again sometime! :)


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