Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hi there!

I have been avoiding to write anything personal on here for a while but I guess it is the right time to spit it out. I have decided to postpone my studies and not go to Barcelona this year.

Of course the first question that everybody asks is this big scary word "WHY?" and then comes the next part "are you out of your mind?". Ummmm....mmmm...mmmm. Maybe I am out of my mind after all! On the other hand I can still go  there next year if I am ready for it or I can choose something totally different. At this point I need more time for self discovery to be honest. My whole life I have been forcing myself to do things as planned, but this time this plan just didn't feel so right for me.

I must say that I was really excited in the beginning but by the end of it I started feeling more and more overwhelmed. Psychologically I am just not ready for this yet. So I guess plan B is on again...which means more traveling for me!

Maybe I have been wanting to please everybody else more than myself and left aside what I wanted to do. I am not going to apologize for making my choices. If this turns out to be a big mistake then at least it's going to be my mistake.




  1. I hope you wont need a third year for selfdiscovery...

    If you expect that one day you will sudently wake up in the morning knowing what you want to be you are mistaken.

    You have to be brave and try different things. Thats how you discover your self by exploring your skills and tallents. Not by exploring the world.

    Anyway its a brave desision in its cowardness and mad stupidity.

    1. Well I was expecting this kind of comment and thank you for you sincere opinion.

      I don't believe that cowardness has something to do with this but you are entitled to have your opinion.

      In life you have to do what feels right for you even if it sounds mad to others.

    2. Still I think you should concider whether your desision is based on the feeling that this is not your thing or on a possible fear of real changes in your life and independence. Think about it. I am afraid that your desision is based on fear of stepping into the unknown.

      Dont wait to find your lifes mission so that you could start to live. Live and you will eventually find your a purpose for your life.

      I dont care about the decision, but i am conserned of about the reason of your decision, which I am afraid is fear.

    3. I have thought about this for a really long time and this decision feels right. Fear isn't something that has stopped me from doing things. I really want to live my life and traveling is what I really want to do. Going to University isn't something that appeals to me right now. Either way this decision is only going to harm me if it ends up being a big mistake but I don't mind taking risks.