Monday, September 9, 2013


Finally I am settled down here in Greece and my holidays have officially started! It's good to be back, but it sucks as my friends are not here, sigh! I have been trying to kill my time by just sleeping and relaxing under the hot sun reading my book. Okay, I guess I can't complain...things could be worse right? ;)

Also my little trip to Frankfurt went alright. The weather was a lot hotter than I expected but it was nice just taking it easy, doing random things and seeing my friend. Probably the most exciting thing we did was going to the zoo and it was definitely worth it! The last time I went to a zoo was 10 years ago so yeah it was pretty exciting :D

 I also visited my cousin who lives close to Darmstadt and we went to this small festival where they had all these small shops and cool little things :)

But now I am back home and enjoying the sun! Got a small tan ( =sunburn) as well :P 
Greetings from Greece!


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