Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This crazy place called home

Get ready people! Take a deep breath because this is going to be a long post ;) I promise...grrr

Yesterday I got a panick attack as I realized how soon I will be leaving again, as the matter of fact at this time exactly next week I will be already under the hot sun of Seville! Wow, what a weird thought! Not too bad though...can't complain ;)

As I have been traveling I still remember my fathers reaction when I told him I was going to travel by myself the first time in Italy. For a man who loves google earth I couldn't expect a better response than this one "Why do you want to spend so much money on airplane tickets and hostels when you can just go to google maps and explore Rome as much as you like for FREE! Besides it's winter and you will get cold!". Yes, my dad is very practical and he is also an engineer so there you go! He is a sweet man but maybe a little overprotective at times heh.

Nowdays nobody seems to be surprised by the fact that I always go somewhere so they just ask me "What is your next destination?". I like my life this way so now that I can travel I will travel till I drop hihi.

Other than that I have also found a new love which is the outdoor cinema they have here in the summers. It's super cheap so I have been going there almost every week. If you see how the building looks like from the outside you wouldn't imagine what it hides inside...but as they say, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover!

And in case you were wondering...I still have been eating a lot! I have this strange habit of taking pictures of food before I eat it, but sometimes I remember that and it's too late...
I also had forgotten how huge the watermelons are here! I was so used to the tiny ones in Finland and when I came here I remembered what a watermelon looks like :D

But no matter how good the food is I must say that the thing I am going to miss the most is the sea! I have been lucky to live in a place that has a nice beach in a five minute walking distance from my home. I don't think I will ever be able to live in a place without sea and that's a fact!

Also something totally random but I found it amusing! A couple of days ago I had to go somewhere and suddenly I found something that didn't quite match in the garage...a chicken! Now, how many of you can say that they found a chicken in their honest! haha
I remember when I moved to Finland I had the most negative picture of Greece but once I left I realized how many good things this country has. Obviously there are many things that are not good here but I am not going to focus on that right now. The safety is a big plus here. Probably if you go to Athens things change but here you can walk in the middle of the night without being afraid of something bad happening. I never had that safe feeling in Finland or in Barcelona to be honest...
It is annoying when I want to take pictures and those few times I always forget my camera at home. Bad quality it is then! comfortable. Could kill a person with that!
 I have become good at parking the car needs special skills, trust me!

There is no way you will find a clean white wall here that doesn't have grafity on it. This is not even pretty -_-
But as I always say this is Greece! Some things work and others don't. It is still my home and despite it's unperfect features and crazy politics I like being here.

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