Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So here I am! Ole, ole! After 18 hours of changing flights or just sitting on a bus I am finally here and super exhausted. At least I didn't have problem finding a taxi to take me to the hostel. I just waved my hand and three taxis came in front of me and they almost crashed...woopsy!

When I arrived at the hostel Alicia welcomed me with her bright smile and immediately I felt so much better. She showed me my room and after that I had a really, really long shower. I also have a roommate that I haven't seen yet but I hope she is nice (she must be!). Then I went to the market, bought a terrible amount of food, broke the egg case I bought and all my food is covered in egg now...ahhhh great way to start the day!

Sigh! To be honest I feel a bit lonely, but I am sure it will go away once I get to know new people and start doing the fun stuff! I already signed myself to the flamenco show and the paella night! I hope I meet new people there :)

My first picture of Sevilla...not very flattering I would say :P
Hasta pronto! Wish me luck...I need it!