Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lesson learned

Another week has gone by so fast and I seriously don't even want to think about leaving this place in November. I am definitely in love with Sevilla! Just to make things clear as I know that people are going to ask me once I go back home for Christmas, there is no Spanish man who is making want to stay here for longer. No Carlos or Fernando or Raul or Francisco or any other Spanish man with a long Spanish name! muahaha...

I must say though that men here are very nice and kind. Even today as I was walking at the street this middle aged man told me good morning with a big smile on his face and that was the cutest thing that happened to me today. People are just generally very nice here...at least most of them.

I had some drama the other day when the other cleaning lady got mad at me and started saying things really fast and loud in Spanish. Eventually we figured things out and we became good friends again so things are cool now...phew! Lesson learned: Do not make the cleaning lady mad.

After that hard day at work me and Riley got ourselves a big ice cream and just talked about how awesome that ice cream was. Oh bloody hell! It was good :D Gladly I burned most of the calories later on when I went to dance salsa. Sweat flying all over the place at the salsa club...that was intense dancing! Unfortunately nobody asked me to dance so I started asking random people to dance with me and I got to show my spicy moves. Then people actually started asking me to dance but then it was too late and it was time for my beauty sleep!

Me and my roomies just being our normal selves
Also after having two night shifts last week I feel like my beauty sleep has been ruined once and for all! I have been having too many siestas that I haven't done anything that exciting during the day. On the other hand there isn't much to do here at day time anyways so maybe it's not that bad to sleep during the day and live la vida loca by night! Lesson learned number two: Siestas are important!
Oh yeah...I destroyed that sandwich! yummy yummy
What could I say more about that sandwich? Little piece of heaven! I could write a whole poem about that sandwich...so delicious!
Also according to the old work schedule my new name is Kristina. When I saw it I thought "oh nice, we have a new worker!" but it turned out to be me. I am looking forward to see what name they are going to come up with for the next work schedule!
With this video I am going to finish this post!
Have a beautiful day everybody!

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