Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sneaky croissant

I am having a night shift once again so I have lots and lots of time to share my exciting stories with you guys! Sometimes I just feel that all the things I have on my mind to write just suddenly disappear once I actually am about to start typing things on here....mah!

The more time I spend here the more I realize how lucky I am to be here! Also the more time I spend here the more people see the real me. Apparently my roomies call me a sneaky little monkey now. I'm such a mysterious woman grrrrr! I am definitely going to miss my awesome roomies once they leave but I don't want to think about that yet! At least I will have more places to check out for the future which means more travelling para mi, mamma mia!

Even one of the cleaning ladies here has been extremely nice to me and acting like my Spanish mama! I find it so adorable when she calls me "mi hija" ( = my daughter). I was also so proud when a Spanish girl thought I was Spanish (score!)! I am glad my Spanish has improved a lot which is what I was aming for!

We have also been cooking a lot with my little hostel family as I would like to call it! On Monday Bodhi from Australia made swordfish with artichokes, on Tuesday we had Mexican food made by our gorgeous Mexican lady Reina and today I made Greek food! We just really appreciate good food here :D We could probably have long conversations only about food...I'm not joking!

 Monday's menu: Swordfish with artichokes and porcini mushrooms ( and it was delicious!)
 Going for a night walk
 So true!
 On Tuesday me and Pia got really desperate for ice cream so we walked around the little streets of Sevilla in search of a good gelateria, grauh!
I just love these small bars here
Still looking for a good ice cream place...
 Eventually we found gelato...wohooo! Having a very passionate kiss with my mascarpone-chocolate ice cream...true love! My english teacher used to have a magnet that said "I have never met a calorie that I haven't liked" (or something like that) which is absolutely true!
Unfortunately today we had to say goodbye to Bodhi as he went to work at another hostel in Malaga. People keep leaving us which is sad but it is what it is! We will miss not having him here snif, snif!
I should probably try not to fall asleep aaaaaaaaa! This is so hard...mucho sueño...mucho sleep! Next time I will try to bring myself some snacks. Maybe I will get myself some sneaky croissants uhuhuhuuuu sounds like a plan!
¡Buenas noches muchachos!

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