Saturday, October 26, 2013

Super mummi

I know that this blog has been mostly about happy times and travelling, but unfortunately I have nothing happy to tell you today as I received the worst news ever. My grandmom passed away yesterday morning which was a huge shock for the whole family. It has been extremely hard being away from home at times like this. I still haven't realised what has happened and my emotions right now are all over the place.

She was an extremely important person for me as for the rest of my family. Every time I went to Finland for summer holidays with my siblings, she always took good care of us and showed how much she loved us. Even those three years that I stayed with my grandparents in Finland she would always put up with my crazy teenage attitude and be patient with me. She was a super mummi (=grandmom) who always had time for everybody and everything. Even though she had difficult times she never complained about anything which is something that we all tend to do way too often.

I wish I had expressed how much she meant to me more often, but most of the times people take so many things for granted. There is a lot more I could say about her but I can't seem to get the right words.

It is really hard losing such an important person, but I am so grateful for having the chance to have her in my life all these years!


  1. What a nice picture of Mummi! Like this I want to remember her. RIP our beloved Mummi.


  2. Kaunis kuva! Voisi näyttää hautajaisissa.