Thursday, October 10, 2013

Night shift blathering

I am having my first night shift so I guess this is going to be a looong night for me. Trying to tell myself not to fall asleep and so far I am doing pretty well...I just need some caffeine and a good movie and I will be fine!

So far this experience here has been great and I have met lots of people including a couple of Spaniards (is that even a word?) but most of them are just travelers. Even though I enjoy meeting new people it is sad that there isn't any kind of stability. People just keep coming and going but that's life!

I also went to visit the cathedral with the other stay for frees and the view up from the giralda was incredible! I would definitely go there again if it wasn't that expensive...

 My roommies!
 up we go

 I am so mad at myself for forgetting my camera all the time! Bad quality it is once again :/
Also the other day me and my roommates went for a coffee which turned out to be more expensive than what we thought it would be heh...
The owner just wanted to make a prank on us...I must say that it worked pretty well!
Also the quote "you are beautiful no matter what they say" made my day! haha
Wish I could start my day like this every day!
I have been also lucky to have Paco as my personal cook! He has been teaching me how to make good food fast and easy. I definitely need that here! I am just too lazy when it comes to cooking which I shouldn't be, but doing it for one person gets really annoying! I keep seeing other people at the hostel making these gourmet dishes and I'm like "yeah Im just gonna have some yogurt"...oh well, I will learn eventually!
 Fortunately today I didn't need to cook as we went out with the other staff from the hostel for Pia's (my roommate) birthday to the best tapas place in Sevilla. They had these weird combinations like beetroot soup with mascarpone ice cream and basil which is something that I would normally never try but it turned out to be really good! Have to be more open minded I guess!
I also started salsa lessons and I am my old self again...shake it baby!
People in the hostel keep singing this song and it's stuck in my it's going to stuck in your heads too, muahahaha!
I have three more hours to go and then I will be free to go back to my cozy bed!
Try not to fall asleep, try not to fall asleep, try not to fall asleep....zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I'm glad that you discover Queen and one of their wonderful songs...hihihi!