Thursday, October 24, 2013

I need to stop!

After having three weeks of sunny weather it finally rained in Sevilla. It was probably one of the strangest things to happen here. I couldn't even remember what rain felt like!

The best thing to do on a rainy day like that was to pack a good group of crazy girls and go out for some really good food! Yes, we did actually go again to the best tapas restaurant in Sevilla and life felt good. I feel like I should better start writing a food blog because I am definitely talking too much about food...argh, I need to stop doing this...I need to stop!
 Pia having some fun of her own hehe
That's where all the magic happens! 
 Shneaky, shneaky! Pia trying to hide from me. Riley sending me a passionate kiss, aww!
 This is my new roommate Kandiss from California :) 
 Riley: "I just LOVE beer so much!". You can definitely tell that she is having a special moment with that beer.
That is a hamburger and it is mine. You can't have any of it. Karoliina doesn't share food!
From the hamburger we remembered this's hilarious!
 Oh Tess! I still don't know how she fitted all that in her mouth...talented girl!
 Because the hamburger wasn't enough I got myself a little something special. It was this smooth, full of chocolate, milky piece of tarta de cafe con chocolate and ohhhhhh it was just so good that I was about to cry tears of joy. Okay, I might be exaggerating here but I'm just trying to make it sound as fancy as it looks on that plate.
Looooove <3
 Later that day me and Pia went out for a long walk and crossed that bridge to Triana. We ended up passing by dia (the cheapest market you can ever find in Spain!) and we bought brie cheese for 0,99 cents! The biggest mistake ever for me that day was to buy that cheese...I seriously ended up eating 200gr of brie all by myself. Viva el brie! I seriously should stop going out for walks because we always end up buying something good on the way to please our uncontrolable hunger! ugh -_-
I am regretting that I showed that video about the Italian man to my roommies because everybody kept asking each other last night "Do you wanna fock on the table?". I guess it has become a new thing here haha. We also went to this really small bar last night that we believe is illegal but shhhhh nobody needs to know that! I ended up talking to random people and had a good night out. Then I just crashed on my bed and had a very good sleep till 13:00 pm...hupsy!
After my long beauty sleep me and the girlies went to have some good italian coffee in Alfa Alfa. That is the famous Jamón Ibérico people go so crazy about here!
 I am in love with this chica! She is just too cute...oh bubbi!
 Important philosophy of life: "At times we feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less if it missed a drop."
Sorry guys, I am terrible at translating things!
Riley and Kristen enjoying a good cup of coffee! Riley feeling guilty for putting too much sugar in that coffee...hard to be a woman!
Today I just spent my day sleeping and preparing myself for the night shift again so there isn't much to tell. My four awesome girlies Tess, Pia, Riley and Lulu saved my night by bringing me a kebab while I was having the night shift! I am going to miss so much my two amazing Australian girls Pia and Tess as they are leaving for Morocco tomorrow, but I am so happy they have decided to come to Greece for Christmas! So exciteeeed! :D
This song has been playing all night...I feel like dancing like a robot when I listen to this! mehhhh
Stay tuned!

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