Monday, October 14, 2013

Eat till we drop

Another exciting day in Sevilla! We all went wild when we found out that there is a place where they have montaditos for 50 cents today so we overdosed hehehe

Random people posing...I seriously have no idea who they are haha
One of my gorgeous roomies Pia from Australia! ;)
 She's just being Riley
 Me and my roomies! We are cool ;)
 Bailando with mi amigo de Buenos Aires! (don't remember his name)
Who said that you can't dance salsa on the street? hehe
We went a bit crazy with the girls last week!
Since I came to Sevilla I have been going out every night. We definitely know how to have a good time here...
...but we also know how to relax and take it easy at the terrace ;)
Trying to teach a giant Austrialian how to dance like Zorbas...challenging!
  Paco wearing his gorgeous sunglasses! We are lucky to have him here as he makes the best paella everrrrr...
Partying is too hard so we have siestas to reload our batteries
And sometimes we just go for tapas...
...or long walks around Sevilla!
It's good that we usually work four hours a day so we have the rest of the day free! Yesterday though I must say that I had the hardest day ever as I had to change the sheets of 48 beds in two hours. Gladly I got some help from my other Australian roommate Tess and I got everything finished on time! Thank you Tess!
I also got to dance some cuban salsa on Saturday which was really exciting! It was good to get these hips moving again...shake it, shake it! I even got more people to get excited for salsa! Watch out people...salsa fever is very contagious!
Today though I decided to leave salsa for a bit and go to carboneria to enjoy a free flamenco show. Ahhh....flamenco sounds good for a change, especially when it's free! Sevilla is definitely a good place to be as everything is so damn cheap :D if it was a bit colder I would enjoy it even more! Gladly temperature has been around 25-30 degrees so that's not too bad ;)
I still need to get used to the kisses here. Everytime I meet a Spanish person I am supposed to kiss them on both cheeks but most of the times I just end up crashing my head, hupsy!
 Oh well...there are lots of things that I need to learn but as they say here, poco a poco!

A big thanks to Riley for letting me steal her pictures haha ;)
I wish you all a great Monday!

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