Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life back home

Well, hello there!
I haven't forgotten you my dear friends. Even though, I know that mainly my family and friends read this so to keep this blog updated I will give you a short review of my past three weeks of being back home!
Seing familiar faces again was such a comfort after all the moving around! I love travelling, but I would never be able to do it for a year or six months like I have seen other people do it. Maybe I am too weak or something,  what can I say!
Going to Athens to see my friend Foteinh was also great as I had missed that crazy chica so much. I keep saying that if we lived in the same city everybody around us would go crazy. Even though we are both petit we can be quite loud, trust me!
Arriving to Volos or the place I have been calling home for the last twenty years, wasn't too bad either. My brother was there as well with his two kids and his wife so there was lot's of noise and things going on to keep you busy. We also had Amir (my brother's friend) visiting us for ten days and I tried to show him around. I can't say I did a good job, but I did my best.
I was lucky to be here for Easter as well. As every year there was lot's of food, red eggs, Christos Anesti and Alithos Anesti going on! How I see it, Greeks tend to be more alive during Easter holidays. You see it's a BIG thing here and we take it very seriously. Mageiritsa, kokoretsi and arni (=lam) are three words you will hear a lot during Easter here! It took us about a week to eat the whole lam. No need to guess what food we were going to have the next day...the answer was lam!
 After all that food it was time for me to be more active so I started dance lessons again to keep myself busy. It was raining a lot as well the last two weeks, but it's good to have some rain. Now that the weather is getting better I am thinking of going swimming! Fingers crossed that I wont get any sunburns this year!
When it comes to my life in general the final conclusion is that I am happy! Love happened and it changed my life in a positive way ;)
That's all for now!

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