Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pictures from Athens

Actually my trip didn't quite end straight away when I flew back home! I visited my friend Foteinh in Athens that I met in a hostel in Florence more than a year ago. We have been good friends since then and after a year of not seeing each other we finally reunited in Athens to spend some girly time with her sister Eleni and her friend Marilena :)
Kostas playing some guitar for us
break dance wohoooo!
Eleni, Foteinh and Marilena
 Bad hair day 
My Greek Goddess
Now I have been back home for three weeks which is good for a while as I had the need to stay in one place.
As about my future plans please don't ask me as I have no clue! I am getting somewhere I think...but I don't want to say anything yet as my plans constantly change from time to time.

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