Friday, May 2, 2014

Pictures from Madrid

Here comes the end of my trip!
I still can't believe that I made it all the way to Madrid from Berlin. I don't want to brag or anything, but I feel pretty proud of myself! I met some really awesome people on my travels which made everything extra special!
My last week in Madrid was the top of the top! I decided to relax so I didn't visit any museums (besides the picasso exhibition), I just ate good food, enjoyed the company of good people and most important I met Enni from Finland who loved to dance salsa as well and she took me to a very good place to dance!! Here, here and here are the posts about my stay in Madrid :)
 Doing the walking tour with the people from the hostel
 Jonathan from Australia
 explaining some stuff about that statue that I don't remember anymore...
 Parque del retiro
 After the walking tour, me and Jonathan were walking around the Parque del Retiro and when we saw this we had to get a boat for ourselves. If you go to Madrid you need to do this! It was so relaxing :)
 This is how you treat a lady...I mean if you play well the guitar of course :P
Straight from the bottle
 For the fifth time we went to have montaditos! I don't think I want to eat montaditos anymore for the rest of my life
 Notice anything strange on this building?
Me and Ivan from Mexico
 With my Italian mate Ferdinando! I did hang out a lot with's because I am a tomboy :P
Puerta de Alcala
 Plaza Mayor
 Last but not least fat spiderman! :)
 Vegeterians look away! This was one of the nights my Mexican host Carlos took me and Michael to have tapas! The best meat I have ever had!
 Carlos on the left and Michael on the right
 Black risotto
 Goat cheese salad! Damn we ate a lot, but it was so so so gooooood! One of the good things about couch surfing is that locals know the best places to eat!
Hope you enjoyed following my adventures! It was a fun trip and hopefully there will be many more to come...who knows!

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