Monday, June 23, 2014

Joyful summer

Finnish summer  is probably the happiest day of the year. It comes and goes without you even noticing. After seeing all the drastic changes of the temperature I surely understand that statement. In some areas earlier this week it even snowed to be more precise. What a joy to be in Finland! I start to miss those summers I used to spend in Greece unable to move my little finger because I was too terrified to face the amount of sweat a simple body movement could cause. Not to mention the burning when I would put Greek yogurt to cool it down ( it actually helps by the way). God bless yogurt!
Even though I don’t like extremely hot weather summer still should be summers and winters, winters. I really cant feel the summer fever yet! I curse the day I didn’t pack more warm clothes with me. The coldest it got yesterday was 6 degrees which is like a Greek winter to me. Despite the bad weather though we still celebrated midsummer. This year our fire was significantly smaller than on previous years ( click here to see pictures from last summer's midsummer). It was more like a barbeque-type-of-thing which I found cosy enough. As long as there were enough sausages I was happy! A million mosquito bites later though I decided to give up and went inside to warm up.
the sun decided to come out for a second
 The trashy novels I read while on holidays. I am the kind of person who can't stand books with a big meaning that take me a week to figure out what it was actually about. This instead was quite the oposite...I probably should stop reading crap like this...oh well!
I think I will start wearing these more frequently if this rain doesn't stop! Don't they look stylish? :P I really hope this weather gets better...I really do!
Happy summer everybody! I hope I didn't totally destroy your mood :)

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