Friday, June 13, 2014

Quality time

Hola munchkins! It might be Friday the 13th but I haven't had any bad luck so far, phew! Not that I believe in that kind of stuff, but it's still a relief!

As to continue with my exciting life there isn't much to talk about unfortunately. I have been trying to find myself some hobbies or at least something to keep me busy so I came up with painting. I had some old paints somebody had given me ages ago so I thought to give it a try. Bellow you can see the result of my great inspiration. Before you start judging I haven't painted anything for the last 8 years, so I have the painting skills of a 12 year old (as you can probably notice). I got really excited when I finnished my moomi themed painting so I decided to show it to my mom and my sister. Immediately they told me why does nuuskamuikkunen (in English snufkin) have an amish beard? In case you wonder why he has an amish beard it's his hair!! Now I can't look at the painting the same way I did before...maybe I need to find another hobby after all :P
 To leave behind my painting I decided to go to the library and these babes came along with me.
Some trashy novels in English and Spanish to maintain my level in those languages and then some movies to kill my time.
Gladly I had the honor to have my mom visit me for a couple of days so we went to my grandfather's summerhouse to spend some quality time in the middle of nature. Even though we went there just for a day it was still relaxing and we were lucky enough to have awesome weather, yey!
Me passing out in the sun hoping to get a small tan. I think I have to accept it that that day will never come.  
Lazaros sent me this picture today so maybe it's about time to embrace my paleness.
It's bed time now!
Hopefully the rain will stop by tomorrow! Fingers crossed :)
Bye munchkins <3

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