Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coffee and well...more coffee!

Here comes another exciting post of my life in Amsterdam! When I come to think about it though  I haven't really done that much, but I still enjoy my life the way it is. Besides I don't need much to be happy! During the week I don't have much time (or energy) to do anything so I try to take advantage of my weekends. Also I have been trying to dance salsa as much as possible but this stupid flu has been pissing me off!
Despite the little cold I have been constantly having, me and Laura have been just going crazy discovering different cool places to have coffee...mmmmm coffee! I just love cool and artsy places where you can just sit down and relax! One of the things that I love here in Amsterdam is that there are just so so so many cafes you can go to...sometimes it's a bit overwhelming!
FINOP (Finnish oven pancake). Made this a couple of weeks ago with the kids and they absolutely loved it!
 One of the coolest cafes I have been to in the Albert Cuyp street. Mara had taken me there for the first time and it's kind of funny how they work. Basically, you just go there and you can order whatever you want and you pay as much as you want. That's probably why it's called Trust! If they had something like this in Greece everybody would go there just to have "free" coffee.
 I also loved this wall and the whole decoration inside! Felt so cozy :)
 Marble's vintage
 Another cool cafe we went to with Laura. Felt really vintage with lot's of old armchairs and fun atmosphere. Definitely going there again!
 Laura enjoying her mint tea for a change!
 Albert Cuyp market by night!
 I also went to my friends hat exhibition yesterday and I got to try some of them on!
The crazy hatmaker!
I loved them all but that was one of my favourites!
As I was coming back from my Dutch class today I saw this on the way and of course I had to take a picture! I guess they were having a Ancient Greece theme going on...or at least I hope they did! haha
Now my head is full of new Dutch words and I really need to start putting more effort into learning this weird language! Ugh!
Time for bed now!
Hasta la vista!

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