Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sinter Klaas en mijn verjaardag!

Hello amigos!
In Holland we are in full christmas mood and everybody is just eating pepernoots and chocolate letters! The kids have been really excited about Sintar Klaas and his helpers whom they call here zwarte piets (black pete). Apparently it has been a huge discussion whether zwarte piet should be black or not because it's racist. In my opinion if that's the biggest issue they have here then they are doing pretty well as a country!
Also instead of putting the presents under the christmas tree here they put their shoes in front of the fireplace with a carrot in it and they sing christmas songs before children go to bed. I even got to put my shoe in front of the fireplace last time and the next morning I got a chocoladeletter! To be honest I am a bit confused with the whole Christmas rituals here, but I try to keep up! On the fifth of December (as they told me) they have the pakjesavond and that's when Sintar Klaas comes and brings the presents.

My chocolate letter! :)
A month ago I remember I had this whole conversation about Sintar Klaas with my hostmom and I just couldn't stop laughing! Our conversation was more or less like this:
Me: When does Santa Claus come to Holland?
Hostmom: We call him Sintar Klaas and he comes on the fifth of December from Madrid
Me: So he is Spanish?
Hostmom: No he is Turkish!
Me: What?! Does he come flying from Madrid or with something else?
Hostmom: No, he comes by boat!
Me: But Madrid has no port or water!
Hostmom: Shhh....don't tell the kids!
Yeah I still don't really get how he comes by boat from Madrid but I guess it's the same with our Santa Claus who comes flying from the north pople...doesn't make much sense now that I think about it!
Other than Sintar Klaas, me and Laura went last Sunday on a trip to Utrecht and gladly this time the weather was just perfect! We took many pictures and I ate lots of french fries with mayonese (the Dutch way), yum! :D
Now I know that I should never tell Laura to smile when I take a picture of her because this is more or less the result.
Me and the fat Dutch lady with her chicken
A bike next to a no bike sign, what can I say!

I think after that day I don't feel like eating french fries in a while!
Let's not forget though the most important thing of the week which was my birthday of course!! I wasn't really looking forward to it because it was on a Tuesday and I had to stay home all day with the little one who happened to be also sick (yey!). Can't say it was great...also my tiramisu that I made for my birthday looked like more of a tiramisoup. Either way the taste was still good so we ate it! Gladly my two chicas from salsa Nicole and Laura saved my night! We had cocktails and a very relaxing and fun time in a mexican restaurant! I also got a surprise cake and I was extremelly happy :D
Birthday card from Nicole :) 
I had a great time and thank you very very much girls for making it a fun night!! :)
That's all for now!
Stay tuned ;)

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