Sunday, November 2, 2014

My life

Hallo! Once again I have no idea how this week went by so fast! On the other hand I was sick all week almost so I was more like sitting in bed and being miserable most of the time...nah.

Last Saturday I had to stay in to babysit and since I had put all the kids in bed, I decided to learn how to crochet watching videos on youtube. I must admit that it wasn't a big success but at least I tried! I always get very enthusiastic about knitting and other handwork, but always when I try something for the first time (I guess that's how it is when you try something for the first time in general) they turn out to look like crap and then my enthusiasm fades away for a little while, till I start again and for some reason then things tend to work out somehow...or at least that's what I think happens.
That was supposed to be square...maybe it will work out next time.

Other than the very exciting fact that I learned how to crochet this week I took things easy...maybe too easy now that I think about it. Whenever I'm sick I tend to sleep a lot and this week wasn't any different. I tried to rest, but sometimes it's hard to do that when you have a huge pile of laundry that needs to be done. 

Either way I did go out on Wednesday which is supposed to be my salsa night, but as I was kind of sick I just went out with my salsa buddies and watched them dance. You can't imagine how difficult it was for a salsa lover not to dance. Never doing that again! It's either stay home or dance salsa.
Before salsa we tend to go out for a drink and this time we went to this really nice cafe/bar that had an amazing view to the canal. Unfortunately you can't really tell from the picture, it was great anyway!
Thursday I went to the Albert Cuyp market close to my house and it's something that I usually do once a week. It has lot's of fun and silly things you can spend your money on. Unfortunately I was pretty broke since it was the end of the month so I just went for a fast walk through and went back home to rest...ugh, for the millionth time I hate being sick!
 On Friday it was Mara's birthday so with the magic of make
up I turned myself into a human being again (I should have taken a before picture). We went to this nice oriental restaurant Mara had chosen and we had a lovely dinner with the other aupairs :)
 Yesterday at last I was feeling better and as the weather was super warm and nice, I went out to the park with Mara and two other aupairs to have a picnic. It felt like a miracle to have so good weather in Amsterdam in November!

Last night it was also museum night which means that all the museums were open till 2:00 in the morning and they had parties and different events. We started visiting museums at 7 pm with Laura and did as much as we could till the museums closed. I must say that going to museums is quite tiring and there is always soooo much stuff to see, it was overwhelming! We started in Anna Frank huis, then we went to Rijks museum, Van Gogh and Nemo. For one night we did quite good and imagine that there were more than 50 museums on the list that we could visit.
 Finally I did it! No people standing in front of the Iamsterdam sign!
 Party, party in Rijks museum
 This was actually the most fun thing in Rijks museum. There was just something so magical about it I couldn't stop staring at it.
 A break before continuing with the museums
 Last but not least Nemo! They had so many cool things in there. Could have stayed longer if we had had time.
You could say we are literally HOT!

And that was my week ladies and gentleman! It was a fun and exciting and now my feet hurt from all the walking.
Tonight is salsa night and tomorrow back to my busy schedule with the kiddos! Bring on the challenge again!


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