Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't mess around with mr Giannis!


After nagging about many things on my previous post I decided I would stop doing that...especially on my blog! I am sure nobody wants to read about my messed up feelings.

I found limes and to cheer up my mood I made mojitos yesterday. I must say that it helped me relax a little bit hehe. Besides I am in Greece! I should be just happy for being here...I can worry about things later when I go back to Finland :P

The weather has been a bit annoying here. In the morning it  is usually sunny and then suddenly it just starts to rain! :(

Today I wanted to go swimming in the afternoon, but the weather didn't let me do that. I am glad we ( me and my dad ) went hiking on the mountain when the weather was still sunny in the morning. I took some nice pictures and we met some interesting people on our way.

As we were walking up to the mountain we saw a sheep farm. When the owner saw us he approached to wish us Happy Easter and that's how my dad and the owner started chatting. Mr Γιάννης or Giannis in English ( the owner of the sheep farm ) invited us for some tsipouro to the farm to chat. I don't know how Greeks do that but it seemed like my father and mr Giannis knew each other for years from the way they talked to each other. I wish I knew how to do that! When we went there the owner had been slaughtering some sheep for the Easter and guess where I got to sit...below a bag full of a sheep's intestines and no I am not joking! Just imagine how comfortable I felt with that thing hanging over my head! I am glad it didn't fall over me...that would have been a very interesting experience. Later because mr Giannis had to take care of some orders he had to slaughter some more sheep. I freaked out when he brought the sheep in front of us and slaughtered it as he was still talking with my dad. Of course my dad didn't care because he used to do the same thing when my grandparents had still animals. I was seriously freaking out just to see the blood coming out of that poor animal. My dad was like "Take a picture to put on your blog!" and the owner was like " You have to see the whole process of how this thing is done!" . I didn't know whether to laugh or faint. All this now that I think about it sounds like a scene taken from a comedy or something...hehehe. Believe it or not I had a good time, but I would have been glad if I hadn't seen that "process".

Here are some pictures of our trip to the mountain. The view was so beautiful! Don't worry I didn't take any pictures of the poor animal!

sheep farm on the right

I will conquer the world! Buahahaha

Agria ( Aγριά ) my hometown

We have still Easter here so Καλό Πάσχα ( Kalo Pasha ) as we say in Greek! :)