Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm a hard worker!


  I came back to Finland on Wednesday and yesterday was my first day at my new job! My trip back here went really well if we don't count the fact that it was raining in Athens and I didn't have an umbrella with wonder why I'm feeling a bit sick now! The only thing that I hate about traveling is that it takes so much time. I left Volos at four o'clock in the morning and I was in Kotka at ten o'clock in the evening. At least our stop to Copenhagen lasted for one hour only which was nice!Now it just takes a little while to get used to the idea that I am in a different country. I have to stop thinking things the Greek way :P
But I am not the only one who has been traveling lately. My friend Hanna came the same day as me from Iceland and my friend Nadja came from Norway on Tuesday. We were all feeling a bit crappy coming back here, but that's life!

My first day at my new job was pretty exciting and today I got to be at the cash desk which was a bit terrifying at first but I got used to it by the end of the day. The hardest part at the beginning was remembering how the machine worked and all the codes my instructor was telling me, but I am sure I will learn to memorize everything as the time goes by. Besides I will be working there for five months so I have time to learn. Also my co-workers are very nice and they have been very patient with me! So far so good! :) 
 Now I have three days free to relax!YEY! Here are some songs for you :) Eleni sent me the first song because I was leaving on Wednesday morning ( it would have been perffect if it was saying Wednesday! ) and the second one is the song Hanna has been listening a lot lately and driving me crazy with it, it's a good song but when you listen to it ten times in a row it starts to get annoying :DAnyway... Enjoy!

 Greetings from cold Finland...or actually not so cold anymore ;)



  1. If you go once a trip to the other hemisphere, Greece-Finland is picnic, trust me... Happy start!

  2. you make me cry...snif snif!ta les toso wraia agaph!sina olet uusi kassamenettaa nyt!elpizw na mh grafw vlakeies.hihihi.e

    1. grafeis vlakeies kai de katalava ti h8eles na peis me to kassamenettaa. :)