Thursday, July 12, 2012

Find myself?

Hello, hello!

I have been thinking all this time the reasons why I made this blog but to be honest I can't find a specific one. People have been asking me "why blogging?" and my answer is just for fun! Does everything in life need to have a deeper meaning? Well, actually now that I think about it I wanted to start blogging to write about my trip to Barcelona that is going to be in October ( still waiting for that...), but I have noticed that through this blog I have learned so many things and I am happy that I started blogging in January and not October.

These past four-five years I have been just trying to find myself without any successful results. A while ago I had this crisis and I started thinking what I want to believe in. My family has very critical views and opinions about some things and at some point I wasn't quite sure if those things were what I really believed or was it because my family believed in these things. I do respect other people's opinions but I want to have my own opinions and see things from a different point of view or more correctly said from MY point of view.

Now that I finished school I want to travel and experience new things! I haven't been able to do that and I haven't seen anything else besides Finland and Greece. I am not in a hurry to go study something. I believe that I have time to do that later. Now I just want to learn, get some more experience and finally live my life! Finding myself isn't important for me anymore...besides I believe that people grow and learn every single day. Maybe I was making it too big of a deal to "find myself"! What does it matter anyways?

Right now I just need my own time and own space. I am more than ready to spread my wings and fly far away! Yeah I am becoming a bit melodramatic so I am going to stop now...

This year is going to be full of surprises and it's a bit scary not knowing exactly what to expect! But maybe that's the fun part of this whole growing up and experience process! :D



  1. Don't be so hurry to grow up...

    1. I have to do it at some point...besides it is more about taking responsibilities about some things and putting my life in order, not so much about changing who I am :)

  2. Why you are going to Barcelona? And for how long time?:) I mean is it like a holiday or what:)?


  3. Menen ensin kielikouluun kuukaudeksi ja sit sen jälkeen töihin hotelliin pariksi kuukaudeksi! :D