Monday, July 2, 2012

Practise makes perfect

Hey there!

After my recent breakdown I decided to do something about it and I have some news! Guess who is going to start driving lessons in a couple of weeks??? ME! Since I started working my timetable hasn't been very flexible, but finally I got it all figured out! Also I decided to buy a new objective or lense ( or however you call it ) for my all camera freaks out there if you have any ideas please please please help me to choose the right one! It has to be a reasonable price though...yeah I know I am demanding! I am still clueless about these things so all advice is good!

I seriously need a project and a deadline to keep myself busy for this summer otherwise I will have many breakdowns again and again...not good! But before I start any project I need my camera first! I had no idea how addicted I was to it till this happened. It's true that when you miss something you realize how important it is after all! :O

Even though my photographing skills are quite bad there is something that fascinates me about it. Some people have the natural talent to know how to take a picture and make it look good...well I don't have that kind of talent. But I believe that if you want to learn something you will learn it. That is what happened with guitar...I decided to learn how to play it and I did it! ( maybe not so perfectly but is that important? ) Practise makes perffect! That is what I have to do with photography... I just need to practise and take lots of pictures and see what suits best. Mostly I just want to find my own style...

Even with baking happened the same thing. I had no idea how to make a cake, but slowly I learned how to do it. Books help a lot and to be honest a drastic change isn't going to happen overnight. I had to search a lot to find the right recipes and you can imagine what our kitchen looked like when I was trying something new all the time. A TOTAL MESS! I have to say that people have been very patient with me all this time...

Oh well! That was it for today :) A rather boring post I must say, but more interesting things to come soon...I hope

To lighten up the mood a bit :)


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