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I just have to add some pictures of the cake I baked for my friend's birthday. I put a lot of efford and time for this cake and I couldn't be more pleased with the result! I wanted to post the recipe and the whole process of how I made it, but as I told you my camera broke and I couldn't take any pictures of the process. I can give you the recipe if you want just leave a comment and I will have it done for you the next time. It is a blueberry-strawberry cake, just perffect for the summer!

People always ask how I make the marzipan thingy that I put on top. First of all it's not marzipan ( because I don't like the taste of it ). I use this marshmallow fondant that I learned from Kinuskikissa's blog and it tastes so much better than marzipan! I don't want to take credit for something that I learned from somewhere else, so here is the link if you want to try it :

In english
So basically what you are going to need is:
300 g of marshmallows
360-500 g of icing sugar
2 spoons of water

Sift 4 dl of  icing sugar in a bowl. Grease another bowl with oil ( rapeseed oil ) add the marsmallows and two spoons of water. Melt the marshmallows in the microwave for about two minutes by mixing them every 30 seconds. If you want to dye your marshmallows with food colors do it before putting the mixture in the bowl with the icing sugar. I made four marshmallow fondants ( pink, green, dark green and purple ). Put the mixture in the icing sugar and mix it until it doesn't feel sticky anymore add the rest of the icing sugar. When it's ready put it in a cellophane and leave it for a day before using it for the cake.
I also made the flowers with this marshmallow fondant. But you have to remember that they need a few days to harden ( is that even a word? ).

    Last but not least here is the song we sang with my friend Hanna at Essi's birthday. It is the song from the Libero commercial. The cutest commercial ever! :D           



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