Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some days of peace and quiet


It's already June yey! I totally forgot about it! At this time last year I was in Greece and I miss being home so much! I haven't been in Finland the whole summer for a looong time and it is going to be quite different from what I am used to. First of all, I will be working the whole holidays zero! On the other hand I am glad that I have this opportunity to work and earn my own money. Besides I can still do things despite the fact that I will be working the whole summer...I am sure there are lots of things to do here in Kotka or are there?
The thing is that I am trying not to spend too much money on going out and stuff like that. I am so tight-fisted that I could live with just bread and water in order to save money for my trip to Spain, but I don't want to look back and remember how crappy my summer was because I didn't do anything fun!

Thank God that my parents came and these past few days have been so much fun!
On Monday we went with my family to this island called Varissaari for a couple of hours and then I went for two days to my grandparent's summer cottage and came today back to Kotka. Even though I enjoy nature I still don't understand what Finnish people find so fascinating about mökkielämä or in English cottage life. In Greece when people have vacation they go to these crowded places where they can see as much people as possible. In Finland when people have the weekend off they go to their summer cottages where they might not  even have electricity!(okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little )
I guess I have a bit of both, I enjoy being in the nature but I still like to be surrounded by people.

A good book always saves the day! :D

I had a very relaxing time at our summer cottage and sauna was amazing even though the lake was realllyyyyy cold! The sunset was beautiful and everything was just perffect! I have to admit that I am lucky to live this luxurious life hehe :D

Have a great weekend everybody!