Monday, June 11, 2012

Love is in the air


I have to show off my new babe (or actually not so new)! I got this camera from my sister's father in law who wanted to throw it away, but I saved it! I am so in love with this camera...I guess it is from the seventees or eightees and it works with film (obviously!). I still haven't figured out how it works to be honest, but I was hoping I could fix it somehow. I don't want to throw it's so pretty hehe. The camera that I am using now is also Nikon's and I love it. I guess I am advertising Nikon and I know many people prefer Canon, but I believe the differences between those two are quite minimal. Still there is something about Canon that doesn't fascinate me for some strange reason.

This is the camera I am using now

I wanted to crop the pictures,but my computer has been acting really weird and I haven't been able to do much with it. It is 7 years old so I'm not wondering why it is so slow! I am glad I am going to buy a brand new laptop some day soon. Can't wait! :D If you know any good brands on laptops I would be glad to know because I have no idea about these things :/

Goodnight everybody! :)


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