Friday, June 15, 2012

This is me!

Hola amigos!

All this time I have taken for granted that everybody who reads this blog knows me, but I am sure there are some of you out there who don't know me at all! So this post is about getting to know me a bit better.

So everything started the day I was born in 1993 in the city of Volos in Greece. My mom is Finnish and my dad is Greek (how they met is a totally different story and I am not sure if they want me to write about it on here). I have two older siblings my brother Spiros who is 25 and my sister Jasmini who is 23 and I am the little one in my family and also the spoiled one! At the age of four we moved to Agria, a smaller city close to Volos. Even though my life was in Greece, we came to Finland every summer to see my mother's family. My mom spoke to me all the time in Finnish since I was a baby so I learned Greek and Finnish...two languages are better than one hehe. As you can imagine being raised in a Greek culture can be very interesting at times! Crazy neighbours, loud people, great traditions and a lot of food! Even though I love Greece I had the need when I was fifteen to get away from there and that's why I moved to Finland. Mainly I did it for school because I wanted to finish High School here which I successfully did! I have to say that it was a drastic change, but I survived. The culture is very different and people are also not as social as they are in Greece, but there is no point on comparing two totally different countries. Both have good and bad things.
Now I have lived in Finland for three years! There have been times that I have hated being here and times that I have loved being here. At least I have met awesome people :D

When I say to people that I am half Greek half Finnish these are the questions I get asked mostly. If you have any questions I would be glad to answer! :)

Frequently asked questions:

1.Which country do you like more Greece or Finland?

To be honest Greece has a special place in my heart because I lived there for 15 years, but I can't imagine my life without Finland either. It's like asking who do you love more your dad or your mom? I love both countries and I could never imagine choosing between those two. There are things that I love about Greece that Finland doesn't have and the oposite.

2.In which country do you want to live in the future?

No idea! Maybe I will end up living somewhere totally different you never know. My dream though is to go back to Greece at some point, but the crisis is ruining everything :/ Finland would be the safe choice as things are going still well here and there is a chance of even getting a job here, but I don't even know what I want to study so I guess I have time to figure that out.

3.In which language do you think?

I have been asked many times this question and I have to say that it depends where I am and which language I am using more at the time. Usually when I count something in my head I do it in Greek because I do it faster that way. Also when I am really angry I swear in Greek....strange. Now that I have lived in Finland for so long I think in Finnish mostly. I am using both I guess, but I never really pay attention in which language I'm thinking.

I just had to add some pictures that I found a while ago. Can't believe how fast I have grown up and I still don't feel like acting like a grown up...-_-
Oh mama! Those cheeks...

My posts are just getting longer every day...hups! I hope they are at least a bit interesting...

Finally my voice has been a bit better lately...last week I was a bit sick. Here is a video for you and finally I sing something in Greek. I wanted to sing a Greek song but I couldn't find the chords for any song that I like. This one is just translated into Greek, but the original version is in English. We used to sing this at the Church that I used to go in Volos when we had youth meetings. It's a religious song and one of my favourite ones even though I have sung it way too many times! So here it goes... Φως τ'ουρανου ( Light of the world ).

That was it for today! Kαλη σας μερα ( Have a nice day) !



  1. Interesting! As a summary: do you think that being from two countries is a positive thing or something that confuses you? To know two languages as a mother-tong is surely something positive but what about the rest? The feeling perhaps of missing all the time the country in which you are not at the moment et.c.?

  2. In my case it has been a positive thing and it has given me the chance to understand why people act and think differently in other countries. Of course it isn't easy and I don't think it will ever become easier. I wish I could have all my family and friends in one country, but that is something too much to even imagine. Now that skype exists communication has been easier, but still it is hard at times I have to admit.