Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Equipment for marzipan roses

Hey there!

I was reading my previous post and I can't help myself of how bad I am at explaining how to make something. My mom said that I should have put minced meat instead of the word ground meat...I guess she is right but I have never even heard of the word minced meat. Oh well, the next time I make something I will try to put the right words.

So to change the subject as I have made pretty clear  I love to make cakes, but I haven't had the equipment to make the perffect cakes. Finally I went for some shopping yesterday and I found these molds ( hope this is the right word ) to make roses out of marzipan to decorate cakes.

I have found one good instruction book of how to make the perffect roses and I am going to post my roses when I have more time to make them! :D I am so excited! hihihiiii
The good thing about marzipan roses is that you can keep them in a bowl under a cover and use them whenever you like :)

So this is how they are supposed to look like:

picture from google
I hope mine look even better, but practice makes perffect! I promise to put a tutorial of how to make these, but until then you have to be patient and wait....

Now I have to go to work...blaaah. Have a nice day! :)


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