Friday, June 29, 2012

Drama Queen

Hey there!

There isn't much to say about my life. Things haven't been going the way I was hoping. First bad thing that happened this week was that my camera broke and fixing it might cost quite a lot so it might be more reasonable to buy a new one. I was not expecting this and I must say that I was a bit pissed off, but these things happen and complaining about it won't help unfortunately.
Also on top of everything I have been making mistakes at work all the time. Let's just say that my week started on the wrong foot ( is that even an expression? ).
Also today I realised how crappy my summer is going to be. I am stuck here and let's just admit it that Kotka is not the most exciting place. As my dear friend always says "Things tend to work out in the end! ", but what if they don't? Sometimes it feels like people always expect you to have a good day. As human beings I believe we have the right to have bad days!

Okay, now I will stop complaining and to make this post a bit more cheerful here are some songs for your bad days. I don't understand a thing what she is saying, but does it matter? :P

Better days to come. Until then goodnight! :)



  1. I think your summer will be just as crappy as you make it! Try to focus on good things (there's always some) instead of complaining all the time

    1. hate to admit it, but you are right :)

  2. Patience is the key!