Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Searching True Beauty


The main reason I made this blog was to write about my thougts, but I have slipped away from that "path" which isn't a bad thing because to be honerst I would have run out of thoughts all this time. Lately I have been reading this book called Valloittava salaisuus ( Captivating secret ) that is mainly about women and how to understand their soul and actions. It is quite interesting so far, but I have read only half of it ( I am a really slow reader...-_-)

Anyway, that was not my point. Yesterday I got to this chapter which was saying about beauty and how women have the need to feel beautiful and to be told that they are beautiful which is true. But I didn't quite understand what they meant in the book by the word "beautiful". I got a bit confused and I was thinking about it.

I looked on wikipedia about it and this it what it had about beauty : "Beauty (also called prettiness, loveliness or comeliness) is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction".  Still that doesn't say anything to me. There are different ways of saying that somebody/something is beautiful. Nowdays the "ideal" beauty that the fashion industry has brought up is to be tall, skinny ( size zero )and to have a tanned and flawless skin. Taking into concideration those three things I should be really ugly, because I am not tall, I am not skinny ( I would say normal size :P ) and I don't have flawless skin because I had and I still have a bit of acne (and I am pale). So that means that I am not beautiful? Of course not...or at least I want to believe so.

I am sure you have heard this that beauty comes from within. People tend to say it a lot but it is true. The next time you start to get to know somebody just pay attention on how much a person's character or other details about the person itself is going to either draw you closer or make you run away. There have been times that I have met somebody ( so called good looking ) but there is nothing that this person can offer and by that I mean that they are so full of themselves that I want to shake them and tell them "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! THIS WORLD ISN'T ONLY ABOUT YOU!" but I can't do that so I just run away I guess ( but I don't recommend you to do that ). But there have been times that a person who doesn't really "fascinate" me much the first time I see him or her and we end up having the greatest conversations and I start to see these people in a totally different way. Has it ever happened to you?

Still I see many people who are beautiful in and out, but they still think they are not good enough or beautiful enough. As the book said we need to hear it ( that we are beautiful ). I am lucky to have been raised in a family where my parents always told me how beautiful I am in and out. Especially my father till this day looks at me and tells me that I am beautiful. Even though most girls don't like to hear that from their father's mouth it makes me feel good about myself.

Also TV plays an important role in beauty. Just count how many advertisments are just about buying the right product to make you 10 years younger or by using this particular machine you are going to get the perffect body or the body you have always dreamed of! I mean all that is bullshit but we still fall for that and we buy ( or at least I do...I admit ) all those things just to make us look good. Plus we see these film stars and we say wau they look good! But think how much time they spent on having their make-up and hair done. Whoever can look different with a ton of make up.

I was surprised to read on wikipedia this: "People who appear ugly to others suffer well-documented discrimination, earning 10 to 15 percent less per year than similar workers, and are less likely to be hired for almost any job, but lack legal recourse to fight discrimination". I don't know whether it's true or not, but if it is then why are we always talking about inner beauty ( like I did previously) if it doesn't matter at all? We are that shallow after all...

Fashion industry has made a big mistake by giving the wrong picture of how people should look like. We all look different and we should embrace what we have not the opposite.  Beauty is also all about confidence don't forget that. If you feel good about yourself it shows and that is what I call beauty. Feeling good of who you are and not letting others define you is very important.

I don't know if you understood anything of what I said and I am pretty confused myself about this D:
I would be glad to know what you think! :)



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