Friday, July 20, 2012

Problems and more problems

Hey there!

I have been fighting the whole day to put a new picture on my blog, but for some strange reason I can't make it look they way I want. It is either too big or too small and I can't put it in the annoying. Pretty much this has been one of my biggest problems today... yeah I know it's a bit pathetic.

Anyway  at least work has been going great and I don't make as many mistakes as I used to, plus I helped this new emploee the other day which means that I have actually learned something all this time yey! I am not as useless as I thought hehe :)
I am glad that the people I have been working with have been kind and nice. It's a pitty that I have heard people saying that they haven't been happy with their working environment. Either they have had problems with other emploees or something else. It's sad that people choose to treat other people like shit. After all it is a choice how to treat others. When I was little I always thought that grown ups have never problems with other people because...well they are just grown ups and they know how to communicate and solve problems. It is nothing like that after all! There is still bullying even between grown ups, but people don't want to talk about it because it is thought as something that happens between children or teenagers. It just doesn't make sense why anybody would like to be the "mean" guy of the whole case by treating others badly. Is it a matter of power? Who knows...
Problems never end no matter how old you are after all. I am one of the lucky ones, but I wish I could do something for other people who have these kind of problems at work or at school.

Anyway...maybe I have been thinking too much again.

Going back to my first problem...does anybody know how I can put the title of my blog look like this? Also I have been trying to crop this photo to the right size but when I upload it on here it just looks smaller than it is....super annoying. Also I tried to upload this picture but it also didn't work out very well...

I am just having some technical problems....hoping to solve them soon.

Goodnight everybody!


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