Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Γειά σας!

After 16 hours of traveling I am finally home! :D It is nice to be back and the first...or actually the second thing I did was eat gyros! NAM! Greek food is so goooood! It is nothing like eating greek food abroad. Foreign people have no idea about real greek food and that's the truth!  If you ever eat feta, please buy at least GREEK feta cheese, it tastes so much better and it is nothing like the crap they name "feta".

Everytime I come here it is funny to notice how people act so differently.  Greeks are very loud and I like that, because it feels like home again. I am very loud myself even though I am tiny, but now I am not the only one hehe...! My greek friends came to my house yesterday to welcome me and it was one of the best things they could ever do. I am so happy to be here :)

When I am here I like going for walks with my dad. I know most girls my age don't do that, but I think it's good that we do because it brings us closer and we get the chance to talk about things. I like to have a close relationship with my parents, but that doesn't mean that I tell them everything :P

This is my dad :) Αs you can see it's already spring here! Ahh...I just love the weather :D

This is the place I call home Agria! <3 Sunny days in Greece! :D I got so sick of the snow and the horrible weather in Finland that I wonder how finnish people stand that every year. Summers are probably the only time of the year that you can actually enjoy being outside.
Yeah! My dad is cool! :)
I  love this old house, it's a pity they haven't fixed it yet :/

Have a great week!
Warm greetings from Greece! :)



  1. Lovely text and lovely photos!!!Welcome home!Smouts...