Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello, hello!

Do you ever get this feeling that you are not going to find anybody in this world? I am referring to all you single and lonely people out there. :P To be honest, I have had that feeling a couple times, but for some people finding somebody becomes an obsession. What is so bad about being single?

Personally, I would rather wait for the right guy than go from one relationship to another. I enjoy being with my friends, having a good time and doing the things I want. For some people though being single, freaks them out in a way that I can't understand. Of course, it is nice to be in love and have somebody by your side who loves you and respects you, but let's face the facts...the love of your life isn't going to appear just because you want so. The worse thing people do is go find somebody in a bar...em...I don't think that's a good idea. Mostly because people just act differently in a bar and secondly that doesn't sound very romantic. "-How did you guys meet? - a bar, we were both drunk though, so I don't remember much." :P Okay, that went over the top, but still.

On the other hand, I am not an expert in this "love" thing. To be honest I am very clumsy with guys, I giggle like a thirteen year old and act stupid which can be really embarassing sometimes! When I get nervous I always say something stupid and then things get wonder why guys avoid me now that I think about it! I am a bit of a freak, but what can I do about it, that's who I am! Plus I don't quite get men.

I wish things were simple. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, both are happy, end of story. People just find it hard to tell about their feelings, there are always these questions like "does she/he like me?" or "Should I ask him/her out?" and so on. Instead of wondering, why can't people just ask straight away what they think? If you don't do something, how can you know how things will go. There is the chance you might get rejected, but that's life. You get over it and you move on!

I used to have a friend who was so afraid of being single that she couldn't break up with her boyfriend, even though he treated her like shit. Either people like to be treated badly or they just believe they don't deserve better than that which is very sad. A good relatioship shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself. If somebody doesn't respect you, the best thing to do is kick him/her out of your life and find somebody who will appreciate you.

Well, that's all for now!



  1. ohhh!Dear Karpalo,you are so right!I have numerous examples of what are you talking about exactly!What's the point of being in a relationship without making us happy and positive persons??As you said above, I know many people who fear the word "single" and think that it's a social mistake to be in this position.el

  2. That is sad, but what can I say...people want to be loved and maybe that's why being single doesn't sound very nice.

  3. Some people are lucky, some not so lucky... maybe sometimes is better to stay single...