Tuesday, March 13, 2012



I have been thinking that I need to change my blog's name... when I first made it I put karpalo because nothing else came to my mind at the time. Now it's time for a change, but I have no idea what to put. Please if you have ANY ideas I would be more than happy if you could help me choose a name or a phrase :)

So these past few days I have been talking with my friend about diets... I have never liked being on a diet and I am sure that most people hate being on a diet :P  To be honest I have now learned to be more happy with my body even though I still complain about it. But I am not going to get any taller or thinner the more I complain about it so why not just be happy they way I am? I eat healthy, I exercise and I take care of myself...I don't see what's the point of starving myself to death just to be skinny. Skinny people are overrated anyway! :P I am sure if TV or magazines didn't exist, people wouldn't have so low self esteem.

Actually for me it's hard to stay away from food because I LOVE IT! I don't eat unhealthy stuff all the time just once in a while. I love to bake but I try not to do it too often or I would probably gain 100 kilos in a short period. Well to be honest I prefer baking more than eating what I make. Even though I have made all sorts of cakes and desserts and I have tried so many recipes, my favourite one is tiramisu. I could eat it every single day of my life and not get sick of it :D

So here are some of the cakes I have made so far.... I have to say that I am a perfectionist! Every time we have a birthday or a celebration  it is me who makes the cakes. I love doing it and it is one thing that I am actually good at!

So all I am saying is enjoy life once in a while! Don't count every single calorie just eat and enjoy!At least that's what I do...hihi

Karpalo :)


  1. A: Tasty post!
    B: Diet is useful only when doctor tells it!

    1. A: Very tasty indeed! :D
      B: I agree!

  2. Nam ja vau! :D
    Tosi hienoja leipomuksia, tulee ihan nälkä noist kuvistakin.
    Karpalo on hyvä nimi, älä vaihda sitä! :)
    Mukavan persoonallinen nimi ja jotenkin sua kuvaava :D

    1. Kiitos! Ehkä pidän saman nimen, jos en keksi mitään mikä kuvaa minua vielä paremmin! :)

  3. ohh!You killing me with your photos...I want to enter into the picture to eat your sweets!Excellent!I want also,once to bake for my birthday one of theese lovely"τούρτες".El

    1. Θα σου φτιάξω, μην ανησυχείς αγάπη! :D