Friday, March 30, 2012

No stress...

Hello again! :)

My time here has been very relaxing. I went for shopping yesterday and it felt so good therapy I guess! I am not a big fashion freak to be honest. If I don't like something, I don't wear it no matter how fashionable it is. I usually like to be comfortable, but I found these awesome high heels from Zara that I couldn't resist. It is so hard to find shoes that fit me because I have so small feet ( 35 size ) , but I'm so happy that I finally found shoes that look good. Probably the highest high heels I have ever worn, but I am hoping I will get used to them :P (look at the picture below)

Yey! I looked a bit crappy in the morning. I went jogging with my friend Eleni and I have to admit that I hate jogging and running in general, but it is the only way to keep myself fit here. Plus the weather is good so why not enjoy the nature and the sun :)

I don't get it when people say that when they exercise they get that good feeling. I sometimes wonder what the hell they are talking about! For me exercising can be torture sometimes. I never really enjoy doing it, but I do it because I know it is good for my health. I have always been very lazy, but I guess I have learned to drag myself to the gym every day. Now that I see the results on myself I can say that I feel good, but I have never got that "good" feeling during my exercise. Oh well...maybe I will get there or maybe not...:P
This was taken in the evening. I must say that I look a bit better here! A little bit of make up and nice clothes can do miracles hehe :)  I just had to take a picture from each angle so you can get a good look at my new shoes... I know it's a bit cheesy :P
Now I am going to make cup cakes! I will put the recipe on my blog as soon as possible :)