Friday, February 8, 2013

Salsa, shopping and music


Yesterday I had my second salsa lesson but next week I will be changing class because this was a bit too easy for me. Hopefully the next level is going to be better for me! Thankfully I met Miguel in one salsa event and since then once in a while we have been dancing together. I am not the only salsa geek after all! :D One of these days I am going to make a video of us dancing and put it on here (if it turns out good hehe) to show our new dance figures!

So far life is good! Me happy :D

From one thing to another here are some pictures of the new scarf I bought for 2 euros! I like it a lot and it is a nice head band as well :) The joys of shopping! hehe

 Here is a bachata song I have listened way too many times today...enjoy!


  1. Oooi toi alempi kuva, oot kaunis! :)

  2. Salsa waiting for you in Athens too if your heart desires - two weeks to one week holiday for me na xeris an ise keen edo thamaste! Looking forward to the vid! Elen

    1. Sounds nice!! I would love to come visit you but I am going to Italy on the 25th :/