Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting ready for Italiaaa

Hello there!

Just four days left before my big trip in Italy and you won't be seeing me here for two and a half weeks because I won't have internet or time to update my blog! Anyhow, I must say that I am freaking out right now (as expected). I remember when I had this feeling before going to Spain and in the end I thought what a waste of energy on worrying about my trip all that time! All my guy friends are always so relaxed about their trips and I envy them so much!  I wish I was the kind of person who could just go with the flowww and take it easy! I guess it's a woman thing. I always have to plan my trips like two months beforehand. It seems like I have the Monica Geller syndrom who always has to have everything in order and organized perffectly! I admit it I am strange...

On the other hand you might be thinking why do I want to travel so much if it freaks me out ? Well, the main reason is that I want to overcome my fear of traveling and doing things on my own. Most of my friends are students and they have busy schedules so they can't travel with me. I don't want to be the kind of person who is going to regret for something in the future just because I didn't have the courage to do it on my own. Plus that's what a gap year is live la vida locaaa!

I am sure that each trip is going to teach me something new about life. Just going to Spain on my own was a huge step for me, but it really helped me realize some things about myself. It is true what they say that traveling opens up your mind :)

 Loved the sunny day we had yesterday, why did it have to start raining again?? Why??
Again a long post but thanks for reading! :)


  1. Don't worry, everything is going to be ok! The Italian people I have met have been all very good and friendly.

    To travel of your own is not easy, but I have done it and I must say it has many advantages: you are free to do what you want and you also meet people easier when you are alone. I didn't have any bad experience traveling alone, though I'm also a girl, so GOOD LUCk!

    1. Your comment made me feel better about the whole trip! I really think that in the end it's going to be a good experience :)