Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This and that

Hello there!

What can I say about these past few days? Well, I have been having mixed feelings (again). I guess we all have these days where we don't really know what our feelings are. I guess the problem about me is that I have too many things in my head ( as usual...dah! ).

I guess I am becoming a bit desperate with my University hunt as it seems to be so difficult to find one that I like in Spain....but still not impossible! I am determined that I am going to find one and get accepted no matter how hard I need to work for it. I guess in life you have to wish less and act more!

Thankfully I have a great family and friends who are supporting me with all this! :)

Also now that I started the new salsa class I have become alive again! Who could imagine that dancing could make somebody so happy :D (as if I haven't said this before on my blog heh)

Another thing that has been making me happy these cold days of February (whenever I don't have a dance partner to dance with...which happens quite often) is  chocolate. Give me a cup of hot chocolate and I will be happy :) I should probably make one right now...hehe

And to continue with my bachata song collection hehe
(Yeah I know I am becomig a bit obsessed with this stuff )

Muchos besos xoxo

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