Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-day's present


Hello there lovers around the world! No man for me this year (or any previous years hehe) but at least I got a good gift for valentine's day! My salsa shoes finally arrived and I couldn't be happier right felt like Christmas again when I opened my package!

I ordered them a month ago and I got them now, but it was worth waiting. I had been looking for dance shoes but everywhere they were so expensive. Luckily I bumped on a website where they had sales so I bought two pairs with 60 euros ( 75 with the shipping) which is super cheap for dance shoes!

Of course the minute I got them I tried them on so here they are! The colour of the first pair is quite bright gold even though when I ordered them the colour looked darker on the picture. Anyway I am happy with them like that :)
Me happy! :D
Happy Valentine's day!


  1. Great looking dancing-shoes! I wish you lovely dances with good partners!

  2. saitko muuten ne nahkasaappaat kans mistä puhuit? :) -E