Thursday, February 7, 2013

Couch surfing

Hello there!

Long time no see huh?! Well, here I am once again! This last week I have been realising that my trip to Italy is in 20 days! Now I remember how I felt before going to Spain...I was afraid and excited at the same time. The difference is that now I will be doing a "roadtrip" around Italy and I won't be staying in only one place.

As I said a while ago I will be traveling with couch surfing. You don't know what it is? Well, shortly explained it's a website where you can find people around the world who can host you or show you around when you visit their city. For example I made a profile on couch surfing and I put a request that I will be in Rome on specific dates and people who are in Rome and can host me for those days can get in touch with me. Does it sound a bit terrifying staying with a stranger? To be honest you never know what might happen, but at least you can check the profile of each person and read the comments they have received from other people who have stayed with them.  I got about 50-60 requests from people in Rome who wanted to host me and more from other cities in Italy that I will be visiting.

Call me crazy for taking the risk on trying it out, but when you are traveling alone with a small budget I don't have the luxury to think about staying in a hotel for two weeks. I have heard positive things about it and I think it is a good way to get to know new people. Of course I have been very carefull and I always read the comments these people have received from other couch surfers, that way I can avoid staying with weird people. Otherwise my plan B is to get a hostel, but hopefully I want need to do so!

So far I don't know how it's going to be like, but I will tell my experiences when I am back from my crazy trip :D




  1. Sounds a bit risky, but on the other hand you have a unique chance to meet local people and perhaps see places you would not find being just a normal tourist.


    1. Thank you! I must admit that it is a bit risky but in life we have to take risks once in a while :)

  2. Ku oltiin Kanadassa viime vuonna ni oltiin just ton couchsurfingin kautta kolmen perheen luona yötä ja kaikki oli tosi mukavia ja normaaleja eikä ollu mitää ongelmia :) Et varmaa sullaki menee hyvin!
    Hyvää matkaaaaa!!! :):)

    1. Kiva kuulla! No kai munkin reissu sit ihan hyvin menee :D
      Kiitos! :):)