Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enjoying my gap year

Hey there!

Once again I remembered that I have a blog! I haven't done anything reasonable lately which is the reason why I haven't written anything these last few days.
At least I got to send my school papers on time to be translate in Spanish and Italian. I am still looking for schools where I could study graphic design or photography, but it is not as easy as I thought. Even if I find a school that I like will they ever accept me in?? The bad thing about me is that I am always so negative about these things...I always think that there are so many people who are more talented than I am (which is true), but thinking that way isn't going to help. I am sure that when you really want something you will succeed in it no matter what.

But enough of that! This school thing has been stressing me out a bit but I am "trying" not to think about it too much. Enjoying each day is important for me in order to be able to stay relaxed. Believe it or not dancing has helped me a lot! Even though I am going only once a week to these salsa dance happenings it has helped me to be more cheered up. Also I have met so many nice people from there which is a plus! :)

I know that I am talking about salsa and dancing and all that kind of stuff all the time, but I can't help it! If I could dance every day I would, trust me hehe

I must say that this gap year has been the best decision I have ever made! I needed this break more than anything and having the luxury to do whatever I want is sooooo nice. I don't think I would like to keep living like this for too long but a year is perfecto para mi!
Now I can wake up in the morning and just enjoy the warmth of the fireplace or my cup of coffee without being in a hurry all the time! is good :)
Hasta pronto!


  1. Have a nice gap-year! I had two before I started university and I have never regretted that!

    1. Thank you! I don't think I am going to regret it either, best decision so far! :)