Monday, January 21, 2013

A bit of this and that


As you might have seen already once again I have changed the name of my blog. I promise this is the last time I am doing it! When you have too much free time you stuck into small details and for a long time I didn't like the name of my blog, but on the other hand I couldn't find a name that suited. As I am not having a baking, fashion, traveling or any other kind of blog it's really hard to find a name. Well, I like this current name and it's going to stay here for a long time from now on! I might change the colours but no bigger changes than that....promise!

So the latest news from my life hm...! Why is that always so challenging? Well, I will start from my healthy lifestyle hehe. Since I wrote the post about wanting to change my eating habbits I have really made a lot of efford to make that come true. I eat a lot healthier and I go out for long walks (no more running for me as my knees can't handle that).

From one thing to another, this past month I have been looking for Universities and schools abroad. I wish I didn't need to think about that, but at some point I have to make the applications so I have no choice. So far I have found one school in Florence which is about photography studies and the others are in Spain about graphic design and media studies. To be honest I am between graphic design, media and photography...I have no idea which one I like more! This past year I was so sure that photography is the only thing that I want to do, but argh...then came along the other two and now I'm hitting my head on the wall. Maybe I should apply to all of them and then see where they accept me :) sounds like a plan!

Again jumping from one thing to another! A few weeks earlier as we were walking with my mom and sister in Volos we found a cute little coffee place where they play jazz music! And the best thing out of all is that they don't smoke inside! It's really hard to find a place in Greece where it's not allowed to smoke!
The first twenty minutes we were all just looking around and admiring the nice decoration ( yes, it's that nice!). The only bad thing was that the place was a bit small and it took some time to get your coffee, but there was only one person working so I understand. But once I got my coffee I was happyyy :D and their carrot cake was really good!

 Τ.Οικονομάκη 54 Β   for those who want a good cup of coffee!

Tonight I am going to dance salsa again :D Even though I am not in Spain anymore there is nothing that can stop me from dancing hehe. Next month I am going to start salsa lessons and I even bought propper dance shoes, so yeah I'm taking it more seriously now hehe.

Have a nice day!
¡Hasta luego!


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