Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bag making part 2


After all it took me longer than just one day to finish the bag...actually I was too lazy to finish it yesterday, hups! Better too late than never as we say in Greek hehe :D

So to be continued with the bag...I sewed the straps on by making a square first and then an x-shape in the middle.
 For the zipper I recommend to sew it first by hand to see how it fits and then with the sewing machine. It might be some extra work but I usually make mistakes when I don't sew it first by hand and it takes longer to fix it afterwards.
 And this is the final result! :D
 Usually I use bags like this for grocery shopping or when I borrow books from the library. It is quite useful and ecological at the same time ;) No need for plastic bags!



  1. Nice bag! Also your skirt is VERY cute and girlish!

    1. Thank you! :D I am glad you like both of them haha