Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make a change


Everytime that I have to think of something to write about I'm like hmmmmmmm...I don't want to give up blogging but on the other hand I don't want to write about stupid or boring things that nobody wants to read.
As every year I always make many new year's resolutions (or however you call them), but in the end they never come true or actually to be honest I never make the effort to make them true( naughty, naughty).
This year I thought that I am going start from basic little things that are more "approachable" let's say. The bad thing about me ( yes, there are bad things about me believe it or not!hehe :D ) is that I always dream big and it just doesn't  work out very well for me.
I thought to start a 365 project which basically means that you commit yourself to do something for a year, but I would get bored after a few that idea is a no no! So I thought to myself...I have to start something that is going to help me in  life generally.
Now that I have had this blog for one year now ( how time flies! :O)  I thought to start the year by learning how to cook! I am good at baking, but I am a terrible cook. I want to start with the basic stuff and little by little learn more and more. I want to try more healthier recipes and exercise more and by writing this post I am committing myself that from now I am going to start a healthier way of life. If I say it in public it is more likely that I am going to do it!
Since I was in Spain I used to eat really bad, but now I want to change that! Unfortunately it is true when they say " you are what you eat!". 
I just want to be more energetic and I hope that this change is going to improve my well being...who knows, we will have to see that ;)

Muchos besos a todo el mundo!


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