Monday, January 7, 2013

Going back to 2012

Hello there!

This past year has been absolutely insane in a way. I had many ups and downs emotionaly and many things happened...good and bad. I wanted to write sooner but blogger hasn't been working very well lately and I haven't been able to upload any pictures. Hopefully it will work out better now!

January 2012:

I can't say that my year started very well. Lot's of stress for my final exams and a huge amount of books to study didn't help. Despite that there was also a positive twist as I met two amazing people with who we used to study together at the library every day. Also I became a work out freak as I used to spend most of my time at the gym than at home! The negative thing about January and the whole winter was that it was so damn cooooold -_-


Oh February! I still remember the nightmare of reading 14 books for my maths exam. I was already so bored with studying that I didn't have any energy left. The good thing about February was that we had our last day of school and we could focus only on studying (yipiii!). After 14 years of torture that day finally came :D


I must say that March was a good month, because at the end of the month we finished the exams! I still remember how relieved I felt! :D Four days later Greece was waiting for me and I got to spend three amazing weeks with my family and friends...I was happy :)


Easter in Greece was amazing as excpected! The best thing about the whole thing was that I could sleeeeeep and sleeeeeep for hours :D Not to mention about the Greek food...ah, I could eat octopus every day!
But (there is always a but) as all good things end so did my trip in Greece. In the end of April I started working in Finland.


One step at a time I got used to my new job. Within two weeks I learned everything that I needed to know! Also snow was slowly melting and spring finally ( !!! ) arrived to Finland! It is so strange to see how people suddenly become more energetic and happy :)


Graduation fever hit! Even my parents from Greece came to celebrate the big day with me! We worked so hard to get everything ready and made huge amounts of food ( that in the end we had to give away ). The party was a success and June was a good month :)


Hm...well, on July I bought my new camera which was something really exciting! I posted some new recipes on here, bought a new suitcase for my trip to Barcelona, got my ticket to Barcelona and went on a trip to IKEA hihi!


In August I remember I started my driving lessons and thankfully I didn't kill anybody! Mostly I was quite lonely because all my friends moved to other cities...not a good month for me. I baked more and worked out less...double time not good!


In September I used to read books like a maniac! I also sold all my school books and with that money I went to Helsinki to visit my brother and sister. In the last minute ( just three days before my trip to Spain) I past my driving test and I packed all my stuff in boxes. A very busy and nerve racking month, but it payed off ;) and how the end of the month it was my time to leave Finland and start my adventure in Barcelona!


The month that my dream came true! Everything was so amazing that it took me some time to realize that all that was true :) I visited lots of museums, met amazing people all over the world and ate some really good food! Despite of the fact that I had some problems with the apartment I tried not to  make that ruin my trip there :)


November continued to be as amazing as October! I had my sister and friends visiting me from Finland which made everything more special. I ate more (not good)  and visited even more museums(good)! I also got to dance even more salsa and spend my 19th birthday in Barcelona.
Estaba muy contenta con mi vida :)


As all good things end, in December I said goodbye to Barcelona and came back to my hometown in Greece. I was a bit lost after my trip and geting used to my old life here took me some time. I got to see my friends and family again which made me happy. Christmas was nice and new year's eve even better!

That was a loooong post but many things happened in 2012 and I couldn't make it any shorter...hups!
I am looking forward to 2013 and what it holds for me! Also my adventure never ends as I am going to Italy for a couple of weeks in the end of February ;) Arrivederci!

Happy 2013!

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  1. An interesting year! Happy New Year 2013!