Monday, December 31, 2012



I must say that blogging these past few weeks has been a bit boring. When I was in Barcelona I had so many things to write about, but now it's like blaaaah just blank. It is nice to live normal life again, but I don't find anything interesting to put on here. I think I will stop writing as frequently or maybe I will have to do another trip in Europe to have something to write about...uuuuhuuuu! Italy might sound nice and I am even concidering of trying out couch surfing even though the whole idea scares me a bit, but ít could be something different and fascinating!

To go back to Christmas again, I was looking through some old photos that I found and I thought it would be fun to put some pictures of each Christmas since 2006. Mostly I found pictures of gingerbreadhouses and not many family sad!

We jumped a year and went straight to 2008 :D
My babyface 5 years ago :O
 To see how different we are with my sister...I made these gingerbread people but my sister found a more fascinating way to decorate them... can't tell she is studying medicine, can you? ;)
Me and the HUGE chocolate cake I made for new year's eve...there were more people to celebrate, but here it's just me and the bottles :/
Last but not least we got a guitar as a Christmas gift! :D
Wish you all happy new year's eve!

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