Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two and a half Finnish girls in Barcelona part 4

¡Buenos días a todos!
To be continued...this is my last post from Barcelona and hopefully the best one! This is going to be a loooong one full of pictures and a little bit of writing so be prepared! ;)
For this post to be honest I have put everything all together so I have no idea in which days we did all these things.
Close to my house in Placa Tetuan there was the Arc de Triomf which I had no idea it was close to where I lived. I guess I was too lazy to explore my neighbourhood, because I kept visiting the same places again and again :O you never know what you can find close to your home ;)
 When we walked straight from Arc de Triomf we found Parc de la Ciutadella which was amazing! One of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen :)
 So typical ;)
 It is always a pleasure to take pictures of Essi! I just love this photo :D
 thumbs up
 La Sagrada Familia is a must when you go to Barcelona! I don't think they will ever finish it though :/
Hanna eating churros for the first time :O
After drinking hot chocolate and eating churros we went to the chocolate museum which took us ages to find but we did it in the end, wohoo! :D
I wish they gave you a chocolate bar as an entrance ticket at every museum!
It is amazing what they can make out of chocolate :)
 somebody had imagination to do that!
It is good that the girls came to visit me because that way I got to see so many new places that I wouldn't have visited otherwise! Also I was happy to see them of course!
On our last night with the girls we went with Gary to a bar for some cocktails. We still keep laughing with Hanna because at some point she asks Gary "Are there any cocktails that don't have sugar in them?" we all started laughing and Hanna just had that confused look on her face. Actually that's not a bad question but personally I have never drunk a cocktail without sugar. So to repeat the question of Hanna...are there any cocktails without sugar? :D

Thank you for reading about my life in Barcelona and hopefully that wasn't my last trip! Let's see what life is going to bring next year ;)



  1. About cocktails: if you mean the white sugar in my book with 1000 cocktails I couldn't find ANY recipe WITH sugar, they are all without. But cocktails often are sweet because liqueur or some kind of syrup is used.


    1. Where have you been hiding that book?? I mean any kind of sugar...not just the white sugar :D