Sunday, December 9, 2012

Karoliina's Cheese Cake


Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from Greece yet, but I will post photos of our Christmas decoration soon. Me and my mom have been working really hard to decorate the place and make it look a bit more Christmasy!

I don't have many interesting things to say about my life here. I must say that I am trying to recover from being so busy all the time and now I am just relaxing and taking looong too bad, but I can't keep doing this for too long. At some point I will have to find a hobby or something hehe.

Now that I have more free time my mom asked me to make a cheesecake for the Finnish celebration we had a few days ago so here comes the recipe! This one is more simple than the Manhattan's cheesecake I promise!

For the base I used two kinds of biscuits. I usually use only digestives, but this time I wanted to try something different and I mixed them with cinnamon flavoured ones.
The base:
Mix the melted butter ( I usually do it in the and simple ) and the biscuit crumbs. Apply the mixture on a baking tin.
Put the gelatin leaves in cold water to get soft. Wheep the cream and add the sugar in it. Strain the water from the gelatin leaves when they are ready. Boil some water ( I needed about 3-4 spoons ) to melt the gelatin leaves and add them to the cream cheese. Mix the whipped cream with the cream cheese and apply the mixture on top of the base. Leave the cake in the fridge for a few hours before making the last layer.
Top layer:
For the top layer I used different kinds of berries, but you can use the ones you prefer the most.
Put again the gelatin leaves in cold water to get soft. Take 1dl of the berries and heat it up in a sauce pan. Add the sugar and melt the gelatin leaves. Leave it to cool down a little bit before mixing it with the rest of the berries. Apply it on top of your cake and leave it in the fridge for a few hours again before serving.
Hope you like it! :)

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