Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two and a half Finnish girls in Barcelona part 1

¡Hola, hola!

I am still alive even though I haven't written anything for quite a while now! The girls came to Barcelona and left and I did the same thing :( I am in Greece now and I must say that on of the most horrible things for me is traveling alone with two suitcases. Okay, there are more horrible things but for yesterday it was quite bad! Anyway now I am back home and I must say that I left my heart in Barcelona! At the beginning of my trip I had no idea how much those two months were going to change me as a person, but I think I have learned so many things about myself and in a way I have "grown". So the final conclusion is that I gained more experience, 3 kilos (that I will have to lose somehow! ) and amazing friends all over the world! My main goal was to learn Spanish ( which I did ), but in the end it was so much more than that! Now I can say that all the hard work that I did during the summer was totally worth it :)

I am going to post the pictures that we took with the girls in different posts because I don't want to make one looooong post. So here it goes!
As always Parc Guell was the first things I took the girls to see!

 Essi <3
 Hanna with her pretty smile! Essi on the background taking photography very seriously :)
 beautiful Barcelona :)
 Peace man!
In Barcelona you meet different people...the guy on the left was really something :D
Lazy dogs and a man playing something that I have no idea how to call it.
Barcelona was really something! I can't believe I won't be able to dance salsa anymore :( I just realized that :O
So many good memories...I will definitely go back!
Muchos besos and happy December :D Christmas is coming soon yey!


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