Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two and a half Finnish girls in Barcelona part 2


Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää kaikille suomalaisille ympäri maailmaa! Today is the independence day of Finland and as every year this time I am celebrating it here with my family and Finnish friends who live in Greece. I even made a cheesecake after a long time hehe :D If it turns out good I will put the recipe on here!

Now I promised to put the pictures of my last days in Barcelona in different posts so here it goes!
To be continued after the Parc Guell we walked through Barrio Gotico and stopped for a coffee in Buenas Amigas ( my favourite coffee place...and so cheap! hehe).
My last cafe con leche :(
 Essi trying to be serious :)
 I couldn't fly to the moon so the moon came to me :D
Me and my creepy smile...omg! But look at the name of the shop hahaaaa :D
I am still thinking about Barcelona every day and I think that people start to get annoyed with the fact that I am talking about my trip there all the time...I am trying really hard to hold myself though!
Being home after a long time is strange but I will get used to it :) I drived for the first time yesterday and I must say that it was quite challenging! Greek drivers are crazyyyy!! D:
I guess I will have to get used to the Greek mentality again haha
¡Hasta luego!

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